About StreamNet

We are in an age where technology and entertainment merge to deliver the thrill of the front row seat to the hand held device, or to the ultra high definition experience delivered from today’s television screen. Creation and distribution models struggle to adapt to the challenging global environment, and the complex interplay social media now has on the consuming public.

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StreamNet, building upon its direct relationships with legendary performers and event production partners, and through the bridge of technology, will deliver cross platform interaction to expand reach while improving the creator and consumer value model.

Our goal is to create a good company in the world of entertainment. StreamNet is preparing to become diversified in the many facets of our business and growing strong returns for our investors. With many high profile quality music titles already secured, StreamNet shall seek to acquire and own various rights including:

  1. Music Audio Rights
  2. Movie & Film Libraries
  3. Revenue Sharing Streaming Partners
  4. TV Stations
  5. Representation Of Celebrities Estates
  6. New Releases Of Urban & Dance Music Artist
  7. TV Show Rights
  8. Sign Major Recording Artist

Through a vision that respects the artist and the creation process and the sees the growth of an engaged social audience, We will introduce new operations that build upon niche opportunities, artistic relationships and media distribution acquisitions. We are in development of our own Streaming HD Media Pay Per View Platform. All of our video content will be available for consumers to stream.

StreamNet will embrace the value of competition and the human nature to size up alternatives, or even bragging rights. Crowd appreciation and social communication will be an embedded component of the services provided through software.

Consumers will be at the front line as we build out our video to the 4K Ultra High Definition standard, delivering new media in truly interactive ways to any screen in ways that immerse the viewer into the experience. We will expand the capability of the broadcast station through the introduction of Internet protocol media distribution, interactive geography based consumer apps and consumer offerings that include No or Low Cost communication opportunities.

Founded by legendary music producer Darryl Payne, our mission is to preserve the legacy of legendary artists, encourage the work of upcoming artists, protect the rights of the creator’s and bridge the complex world of analogue and new cloud based technologies.

Darryl Payne, CEO. A career spanning decades of music writing and production, a period in which Darryl accumulated an extensive library of music masters and television shows featuring many of the biggest entertainer’s. Darryl Payne produced concerts are recognized around the globe, used by music companies and television networks building a reputation as Billboard’s number one producer on over 2,000 releases including five different artists on the charts at the same time.

Warner Brothers, Sony/BMG, EMI and Virgin have released music produced by Darryl, and he was awarded various Gold Records for productions involving many artists. Ten years ago he created the Legends Of Classic Soul featuring many iconic soul legends including Dennis Edwards Temptations Review, The Whispers, The Four Tops, The Dells, The Dramatics, The Manhattans, The Chi-lites and many more.