About Dr. Franz "Sherman" Heinig


Dr. Franz "Sherman" Heinig

International Licensing

As a musician turned record company executive, Billboard named him as an important music business veteran for his work with the release of The Pianist, Wladyslaw Szpilman. A career that began as head of A&R/Marketing/International Production for TELDEC SCHALLPLATTEN GmbH Hamburg, Germany (Sold to WEA, January 1988), Dr. Heinig has lectured at UCLA and worked with Entertainment Today in Hamburg and Los Angeles.

Built personal connections with artists, productions teams and recording companies in France, Italy, United Kingdom. Activities included marketing catalogue rights/labels worldwide for such notables as POPE JOHN PAUL II, LUCIANO PAVAROTTI, JULIO IGLESIAS, TOM JONES, DIONNE WARWICK, GRACE JONES, LATOYA JACKSON, BO DEREK, KELLY LE BROCK and GERARD DEPARDIEU.