About Robert Hayes


Robert Hayes Hayes

Chief Technology Officer

Beginning as a senior site engineer for global petrochemical, telecommunications and national utility concerns, Robert has experienced the growth of automated systems and application of many diverse platforms. With a practical approach to complex issues and the tenacity to adjust as project needs change, he has managed distributed information and control systems for many applications including including Seattle Metro water reclamation network, U.S. Steel No 2 Gary continuous caster process, Amoco Yanbu Saudi Arabia petrochemical complex with three tiers of computer architecture and four hundred miles of communications infrastructure, Mobil Beaumont LDPE (low density polyethylene) production processing and security systems monitoring, and Pratt & Whitney turbine control electronics for the Venezuela Air Force on their F16 fleet.

Early in 2001 with a group of telecommunication engineers from ATT, Robert applied his knowledge to develop systems architectures for digital retailing over wide area networks, including the introduction of self-directing intelligence applications in network router devices. Bob created methodology relating to the video encoding in the MPEG2 format in order to achieve gains in the accumulated data stream, enabling distribution of video content over Internet connected systems. In recent years, he has been engaged in pioneering work in the data security arena culminating in the development of a highly secure key-less encryption and device/user authentication technology.