Our Apps

As we open up more channels for the delivery of new entertainment content, we will be introducing new apps for the phone, tablet and TV. Additionally, we will be providing our artists apps designed to help them in the creative process and to connect with their fan base.

Concert Connection App.

As we plan for and prepare live events in Las Vegas and other cities, we will be providing advance information and ticketing sales through our online booking facilities. Not only will this app provide a gateway for fans to plan for the participation in concerts and shows, it will also serve to connect our artists with their venues.

Create Your Muse App.

If the whole world is a stage then the streets and neighborhoods are a studio. It is one of our goals to apply the reach of Cloud services to the tunes and moves of the individual or group practicing their art. Technology has unleashed us with its portability and flexibility, the capabilities once reserved for the studio are now reduced to the power of the device in your hand.

Music Channel App.

Through our online distribution system and partnerships with other well known platforms, StreamNet expects to build several music channels focusing on the legends of soul, rock, hip hop, gospel, country and more. We shall also be opening up channels to support new artists and those looking to break through.

The TV App.

That ole box in the living room has become much more thanks to the power of connected devices and smart television sets. As we build out channels and distribution partnerships with radio and TV stations, present new live events and recorded ones, StreamNet will connect the living room with our world through this app.

Video Stream App.

The camera in the phone, the GoPro camera, your parents video camera or our studio camera, StreamNet will connect it all in unique channels of video streamed from our own global Cloud based systems. Our artists will also be able to “plug in” and provide interviews or “just because i feel like it” video segments, imagine that!

Web Connect App.

We are entering the age of the Internet of Everything, or IoT, and World Nation Live Entertainment is going to be there with new distribution models. Social media shall play a role with us as we introduce the excitement of the contest to the creation of new content and promotion of new stars, you will join us on the world wide stage.